Sustainable Tourism

a concern for Agonda since the beginning

Sustainable Tourism has been a concern for Agonda since the beginning of Pratt Institute’s Studies in India. The students of this studio have created two brochures that the Panchayat of Agonda can use to begin to develop sustainable tourism practices.

The Three Documents

The first document is for the Panchayat, which expresses ways in which Sustainable Tourism can be practiced in Agonda, and what the government and residents can do to steer tourism into a more sustainable direction.

The second document is a sample of a publishable document that the Panchayat can provide to tourists, in order to show the local culture and other attractions of Agonda that aren’t specifically linked to the beach.

This is a document which explores the existing waste streams in Agonda, and offers possible steps and processes which will allow Agonda’s waste to be handled in a sanitary and environmentally friendly way.

Download the Report

Download the Tourism Brochures (651KB)